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CCH Axcess Portal is an easy-to-use tool that allows the firm to securely exchange files with you using an intuitive folder structure, just like on your computer.


Logging In to Your Portal

Your email address is your Login ID. The first time you login to Portal, use the temporary password sent to you in an email notification. If you forget your password or did not receive the temporary password, click the “Forgot Your Password” link on the login screen.

The checkboxes labeled Remember me and Remember my password should only be selected on a safe computer, never on a shared computer (like a public terminal at a library).


Downloading Files

The portal is a temporary storage location for sending files, please download files we send you to a safe, permanent location. You can locate files to download by browsing through the folders as you would on your computer or you can use the Search box at the top right of the homepage to quickly find it.


Once you have located your file, double-click on it to open or save it to your computer.


Uploading Files to Your Portal

Send a file to the firm by dragging and dropping it into a folder on your portal that matches the description of your file. This procedure is very similar to moving or copying files on your computer. The file will appear in the portal folder as partially transparent compared to the other files, meaning that it is ready to be uploaded. After dragging and dropping all of the files you want the firm to receive, click Upload Files at the top of the Files and Folders area to complete the upload.

An alternative to dragging and dropping files into Portal is to double-click on the folder that you want your file to reside in and then click the Add Files button. When you click Add Files you will be prompted to browse to the file(s) on your computer. After selecting the file or files you want to send to the firm, click Upload Files.

If you see that your newly uploaded files are tagged with a yellow NEW icon, the upload was successful and the firm can retrieve your documents.

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